Scalar 2 User's Guide

Map Widget

The Map widget will plot items in your scalar book on a Google Map. All items to be plotted must include dcterms:coverage or dcterms:spatial (either will work) metadata in the format decimal latitude,decimal longitude (which can be added using the 'Metadata' tab in the page editor). To learn more about adding geospatial metadata to items in your Scalar book, see the section on our Google Map Layout.

To add a Map widget, click on either the linked or inline widget button in the WYSIWYG editor and then choose “Map” from the widget options. Next, use the content selector to choose an item or selection of items to be plotted on the map. One can choose individual items at will. One can also choose paths and tags and include the items they contain or tag, respectively, by ticking the box under “Include Children” for that item in the content selector.

Finally, select your formatting options for the widget. If you’d like to include descriptive or explanatory text below the widget, choose “Custom text” under “Caption” and enter it there.

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