Scalar 2 User's Guide

Book Properties Tab

The Dashboard's Book Properties tab enables you to change a variety of book-level settings. Changes you make here will be saved only when you click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Title. The title of your book, displayed in many places throughout the interface.

Subtitle. An optional subtitle for your book, displayed in the book's header.

Description. A optional brief description of your book, not currently displayed anywhere but can be accessed by the API.
URI Segment. Determines your book's web address.

Genre. The phrase by which your project is described in the Scalar interface. To change, make a selection from the "Scope" drop-down menu (choices are "Book," "Article," and "Project").

Permissions. Allows you to set your book's URL to be accessible without a login; make your book accessible in Scalar's Index page; allow you and others to duplicate your book in its entirety; and allow only authors and editors can see past versions of pages in your project.

Comments: Enable automatic approval of new comments; set up Email alerts to authors when comments are added; and enable sidebar.

Plugins: Enable the Thoughtmesh Plugin.

Table of contents. Enables to set a list of key links from the book that will be displayed in the "Main Menu" mode of Scalar's navigation interface on the left. Clicking "Add menu item" will bring up a window to select any content from your book; once added, you can drag and drop these items to re-order them, or click the "remove" link next to each to remove them.

Publisher credit. An optional publisher name that will be displayed as "Published by [name]" in the footer of every page.

Publisher logo. An optional publisher logo that will be displayed in the footer of every page.

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