Scalar 2 User's Guide

My Account Settings

The Dashboard's My Account settings enables you to update the email, name, and password associated with your account. You can create new books here as well. Changes you make here will be saved only when you click the "Save" button in the middle of the page.

Email (login). Your Scalar email and login.

Full name. The name by which you will be credited on any Scalar books and comments you author.

Change password. Enables you to update the password associated with your account.

Create new book. Enables you to create a new book by entering its title and clicking the "Create" button.

Duplicate a book. Allows you to duplicate another Scalar book in its entirety. To make your book duplicatable go to the Sharing tab in your dashboard and select "Yes" under Duplicability.

Delete book. Books cannot be deleted with this interface. Please send an email to a Scalar admin to request the deletion of a book.

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