FemTechNet Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook

Networked Activities

These activities link nodal courses participating in the FemTechNet DOCC. Through networked collaboration, faculty have designed Key Learning Projects to foster connection across institutions and geography as students from varying backgrounds participate in the DOCC. 

Situated Knowledges Mapping

"The FemTechNet Situated Knowledges Map is an experiment in thinking about the relationship between space, place, mobility and knowledge production and circulation. By marking locations of significance to ourselves, we hope to get a sense of where we are coming from across the FemTechNet world."

Exquisite Engendering

"The FTN DOCC Exquisite Engendering project is a riff on the Dadaist’s Exquisite Corpse art process. Our project is “Exquisite Engendering,” inspired by Erin Manning’s (2007) book, Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty(University of Minnesota Press). She describes engendering from Latin roots, generrare, to generate. 'To engender is to undertake a reworking of form. To engender is to potentialize matter. Engendering involves potentiality at its most fertile: it calls forth the link between the incorporeal and the material, between the virtual and the actual' (p. 90)."

Keyword Videos 
"A Keyword Video is a short, DIY video production project, using easily available digital tools (or apps) of your choice, made alone or in teams, that describes a word of the video-maker’s choice from a feminist stand-point, responds to earlier videos, and asks for response from the FemTechNet community."



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