Feeding a Crowd

Community Collection: Crowds and Cultural Relevance

This collection of recipes focuses on the foods talked about by the Frogtown community as dishes that are close to their hearts in identifying with cultural backgrounds and carry fond remembrance of sharing with family and community. A lot of these recipes are made so due to their nature of being best made to feed many, often as a form of celebration or even just to provide a space for families to work together in making and sharing a meal. What becomes a barrier for a lot of people in maintaining these important foods are commonly shared sentiments among the community- they require time, money, and knowledge to make, which many times people may not always have. What I hope to aim for with this collection is to at least provide a space in which people can share their knowledge of such recipes- from here, perhaps the other barriers can be overcome to keep these important recipes alive. The recipes I chose for this collection have a main focus of community voice, cultural significance, and the ability to share with many people. I feel like this final point is key, since what better way to share a recipe than to it together with someone else!

Contents of this path: