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St. Mary's Episcopal Church, New Carlisle (defunct)

St. Mary's, New Carlisle, began as a mission in 1885, when the Rev. J. Gorton Miller of Bristol began holding  monthly services. He remained until 1888, during which time a Ladies Society with seven members was organized. In 1886, this Society purchased two lots on the south side of the village, giving the title to the Diocesan Trustees. The north half of the lot was sold to James Reynolds in 1891, but the south half was dedicated for a church building.

The Rev. Walter Scott of La Porte arrived as missionary in 1890, holding services once a month on a week day. Under his leadership, the mission contracted with George W. Ashley to build a wood-frame church edifice, which he completed in May 1893. Bishop Knickerbacker and several other clergy arrived on 16 May 1893 to hold a service of consecration. Scott resigned in June 1895, just after a silver chalice and paten were presented to the church as a gift. He was followed by the Rev. Thomas B. Barlow, also of La Porte, who remained until 1897 and was followed by the Rev. Elias B. Stockton, who resigned in December. The Rev. John Foster Kirk, a deacon, served the church from December 1897 to May 1898, when he was ordained to the priesthood and celebrated communion for the first time. 

St. Mary's was one of the charter congregations of the Diocese of Michigan City in 1898, but its membership dwindled, especially after a prominent lay member decided to become a Christian Scientist. Clarence E. Brandt conducted services from 1899 to 1900, followed by Edward L. Roland from 1901 to 1902. A few services were held in 1906 and 1907, but the mission closed. The building with its windows and fixtures were moved by rail car and incorporated into the new Church of the Good Shepherd in East Chicago, Indiana, in 1915. The wood-face exterior was resurfaced in brick at that time. The extant parish register of St. Mary's contains records from 1885 to 1904.


Joseph Gorton Miller, 1885-1888
Walter Scott, 1890-1895
Thomas Bennington Barlow, 1895-1897
Elias Boudinot Stockton, 1897
John Foster Kirk Jr., 1897-1898
Clarence Estelle Brandt, 1899-1900
Edward L. Roland, 1901-1902

Parish Register, 1885-1904


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