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St. Andrew's-by-the-Lake, Michigan City (originally Long Beach)

St. Andrew's-by-the-Lake Episcopal Church was organized as a mission and held its first service at the Duneland Beach Hotel on October 21, 1956. The Rev. Alexander J.J. Gruetter presided at this service, but pastoral leadership was initially provided by the Rev. Peter Langendorff. Many of the founding members of St. Andrew's had ties to Trinity Episcopal Church in Michigan City. However, a survey of the population of the Long Beach area convinced a group of Episcopalians that another Episcopal Church was needed in this area.

Less than a year later, on October 19, 1957, the Quonset hut style church building was dedicated and accepted as a parish in the diocese. The Rev. Robert Schrack, the first resident priest, led the building effort. The Rev. John Hughes became the rector of St. Andrew’s in 1960, and the church greatly benefited from his leadership and 26-year tenure as its priest. In 1968, a large addition was built to adjoin the original church building. This addition tripled the square footage available to the congregation and provided space for offices, classrooms and a common hall. The congregation was last served by the Rev. Rob Dorow. Due to dwindling attendance, the congregation closed in 2022.


Peter Langendorff, 1956-1957
Robert Elliott Schrack, 1957-1960
John Charles Hughes, 1960-1986
Dale Hathaway, 1991-2001
Carol Fleming, 2003-2006
Kristine Graunke, 2006-2007
Andrew Hanyzewski, 2010-2012
Robert Dorow, 2012-2022

Parish Register, 1956-2019

Taken from an interview with the Rev. Rob Dorow from "Church in the Spotlight": https://www.thenewsdispatch.com/features/article_0e119669-7e3d-5eff-8a1d-1e446d80cdcd.html

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