Entanglements: an exploration of the digital literary work FISHNETSTOCKINGS

Underwater Photographs of Code

The code shows layers of adaptation, as code from a flocking algorithm is transformed.  In the code we learn the logic of the merfolk, the names of the creatures, and see signs of adjustments for material conditions, such as the x and y position of the user or the sensitivity or insensitivity of the motion capture device. The code is the water of this piece.  It is the milieu sine qua-non.  The medium.  To plummet the code is to immerse oneself in the logic of the piece. 

At the same time, it is that which is underneath or beyond the piece.  It brings it to life and yet effaces itself.  It is all effects and operations.  

The code is overflowing with content.  The code is full of functions, processes swimming around together, dependent on one another or waiting for each other.  It is also full of assets, names at least, image files, movies, variables. 

The code also is also a snapshot of a project in development, like a photograph from a summer holiday at the beach.  It is not the ocean, but a state of the ocean.. Toward the end of the file, we see.

  if (key == 'i')
         // in appropriate tweet
        // no censorship for now

Probably this line was “inappropriate tweet” as a flag. Remember, these Tweets are being streamed live from the Web.  And yet, the comment in this section notes what the code also reveals, no action is taken, the comment rolls in and out with the waves of text.

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