Entanglements: an exploration of the digital literary work FISHNETSTOCKINGS

Comments as ship's log


Within the Processing code for FISHNETSTOCKINGS is an extensive comment that tells much about the creation of the piece.

In some places, it speaks of plans:

// change idle movement to more like swimming
// make movements slower rather than snapping

In other places, it shows the progress of the development of the piece:

// 6/24/2015
// Clean up calibration
// Add tweets from sample text

Or exasperation.
Why aren't the tweets showing up?

In still more, plans and to-dos:

// 6/17/2015
// TODO:
// Show them at different layers depending on their age.
// Fix the wave shader so the video isn't upside-down.

The comment is the beyond of the code.  It is in the code and yet by some accounts not code.The comment is record, notebook, trail mark, guide book.  It is a note to self and a note to whoever should find this file.  It is not a note to the computer, not really.

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