California State University Japanese American Digitization Project: An Exhibit

Student Life

Palos Verdes Language School, circa 1930 (CSUDH)

A large group of children are photographed outside of the Palos Verdes Langauge School and Portuguese Bend Community Center. There is a sign on the wall written in Japanese.

USC Chemistry Lab,1936

Medical students in a USC Chemistry Lab, including Sakaye Shigekawa—the only woman—at work in the chemistry lab at University of Southern California.



Gardena High School Yearbook, 1935 (CSUDH)

Spanish Club of Gardena High School demonstrates the cultural diversity of student interests.

Japanese American Students in Sudoeste Yearbook, 1942

San Diego State Yearbook photograph with corresponding names of Japanese American students at San Diego State University. Caption reads, "Back: Tsuneko Hironaka, Kakuya Nakadate, Shoji Nakadate, Henry Koide. Center: June Kushino, Mariko Iwashita, Dr. George E. Dotson, Carl Yoshimine, Nobora Takashina, Arnold Watanabe. Front: Viola Takeda, Grace Umezawa, Aiji Izaki, Chiyoko Fujiyura."


Two Students with Posters, 1942

Photograph of two Japanese-American students at San Francisco State University participating in John Gutmann's Art 115 class "Poster and Lettering" in 1942. Poster displays a graphic design of a serpent with a human head that resembles Adophe Hitler wispering into the ear of a person. The poster text reads: "Dont believe a word of it! PROPAGANDA - LIES - FALSE RUMORS".


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