Constructing a Culture

See and Hear!

School can be dull.

Learning can be a challenge, especially if students aren't engaged. After World War II, Walter Wittich, John Fowlkes and C.J. Anderson, Professors of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,  all saw the need for educators to embrace technological change and implement Audio-Visual education into their classrooms. They saw the success that the armed forces had in training large numbers of soldiers during World War II quickly and efficiently.  These educators believed that  good teachers engage more than one of their students' senses. They believed that students' experiences inside the classroom should reflect their experiences outside of it. Students should learn with their eyes and their ears. 

And what better medium for teachers to utilize than film?                                                            

See and Hear: The Journal of Audio-Visual Education pushed educators, administrators, school board members and other people who had influence in schools to use their resources to develop strong, well funded, programs of audio-visual education. 

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