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SIDLIT Awards: 2001 - Present

The table summarizes the recorded SIDLIT awards from 2001 to the present.  Various committee chairs have managed the award nominations through the years.  Thanks to their efforts, their colleagues and peers can be recognized here.  This was updated August 2021, after the 2021 SIDLIT Award winners were announced during Virtual SIDLIT 2021. 



Excellence in Leadership Award


Outstanding Online Instructor Award


Outstanding Online Course Award


Outstanding Technical Support Award


Outstanding Instructional Design (started in 2020-2021)




Jonathan Bacon, Johnson County Community College


(Not certain)


Dr. Kim Karr, Butler County Community College


Kay Shireman, Emporia State University






Dr. John Ziegler, Emporia State University


Dr. Karolyn Kells, Fort Hays State University


Mike Brotherton, Labette Community College


Kay Shireman, Emporia State University






Rob Caffey, Kansas State University


Dr. Joella Mehrhof, Emporia State University


Chuck Fann (Criminal Justice) Fort Hays State University


Mitch Weber, Fort Hays State University






Glen McNeil, Interim Chair of Health and Human Performance, Fort Hays State University




Alan Featherstone (Agricultural Economics), Kansas State University


Jodie Wear-Leiker, Fort Hays State University






Dr. Elizabeth Unger, Kansas State University




Dr. Beth Walizer, Fort Hays State University


Bryan Vandiviere, Kansas State University






Meg McGranaghan, Director of Instructional Technology, Butler Community College


Dorothy Ochs, Fort Hays State University


Julie Cotter, Johnson County Community College


Julie Rorabaugh, Instructional Technologist, Cowley County Community College




2007 - 08


Anita Mills, Nursing, Butler Community College


Robert Walker, Associate Professor, Music, Labette Community College




Linda Wapelhorst, Assistant Director, Instructional Technology, Butler Community College and Grant James, University of Kansas Medical Center






Jonathan Bacon Leadership Award


Innovation in Teaching Award


Outstanding Online Course Award


Outstanding Technical Support Award


Outstanding Instructional Design (started in 2020-2021)


2008 - 09


Dr. Chris Crawford, Fort Hays State University


Jeff Merritt, Johnson County Community College




Brenda Wilson, University of Central Missouri




2009 - 10


Dr. Leo Hirner, Director, Distance Education, Metropolitan Community College


Dr. Zeni Colorado, Assistant Professor, Emporia State University




Julie Smith, Online System Administrator, Butler Community College






Dr. Ed Lovitt, Assistant Dean, Distance Learning, Johnson County Community College


Mark Jarvis, Humanities and Fine Arts Instructor, Butler Community College




Anibal Pacheco, Multimedia Specialist, Barton Community College




2011 - 12


Dr. Sue Maes, Dean, Continuing Education, Kansas State University


Christa Weigel, Assistant Professor, Allied Health, Fort Hays State University




Terry Keeling, Manager, Instructional Services, University of Kansas Medical Center




2012 - 13


Dr. Greg Rose, Director of Operations, Park University


Debra Erickson, Biology, Allen Community College




Phyllis Epps, Manager, Tech Training and Instructional Support, Kansas State University




2013 - 14


Dr. Marcus Childress, PhD, Professor and Program Director, Instructional Design and Technology, Emporia State University


Dr. Linda Yarrow, RD, LD, CDE, PhD, Assistant Professor, College of Human Ecology, Kansas State University




Kathryn Barker, Instructional Designer, Metropolitan Community College




2014 - 15


Adam Holden, Fort Hays State University


Beth Toland, Allen Community College




Ben Ward, Kansas State University




2015 - 16


Dr. Rob Gibson, Emporia State University  


Dr. Robert Moody, Fort Hays State University  




Hattie Wiley, National Weather Service 




2016 - 17


Dr. Regena Aye, Allen County Community College 


Dr. L. Sue Williams, Kansas State University  


Dr. Linda Merillat, Washburn University 


Nate Scherman and Eric Racki, Kansas State University; Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew, Kansas State University




2017 - 18


Dr. Haylee Dass, Butler Community College


Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya, Kansas State University 


Dr. Michael Wesch, Kansas State University 


Dr. David J. Swisher, Tabor College




2018 - 19


Dr. Rebecca A. Gould, Kansas State University


Dr. Daniel Stramara, Rockhurst University


Dr. Jeni McRay, Fort Hays State University


Brian Dye, Butler Community College




2019 - 20


Dr. Linda Merillat, Washburn University




Drs. Jeff Boyce and Sandra Metzger, Indiana Wesleyan University


Shelby Huddleston, Cowley College




2020 - 2021








Julie Bell and Tom Misilo, K-State Libraries IT


Sue Taylor-Owens, Washburn University


2021 - 22


Jeff Sheldon, Associate Director of Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab, Kansas State University


Dr. Mindy Trenary, Butler Community College


Annie Els, Frank Poncé, Randie Donald, Heather Boswell, David Swisher, Indiana Wesleyan University

Tara Coleman, K-State Libraries, K-State



April Robbs, Ottawa University


2022 - 23












2023 - 24













Table 1:  Past and Current Recipients of Annual SIDLIT Awards 

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