The Role of Artistic Creativity in the Lives of Israeli Emigres in Los Angeles

Adi Shapira: Jewish Roots

How the Journey Began 
Adi’s maternal grandparents had fled Iraq and later met in Israel. They were pioneers who believed in the Zionist dream and in the creation of the state of Israeli. Despite the fact that Adi’s family chose a life outside of Israel, she is proof that the dream is alive and an inseparable part of her life and her journey as an artist.

Symbolic Inheritance
Adi’s great-grandmother on her father’s side was a Holocaust survivor who had lost her entire family during the war. She took a trip with a similar youth movement to the one Adi is in now, and it is thanks to that youth movement that Adi’s parents came to Los Angeles. This necklace was given to Adi by her grandmother who was a Holocaust survivor. The pendant of a caged white pearl appears to be quite symbolic to her grandmother's traumatic past, and is a reminder of the difficult journey that she had to go through. The passing of this necklace to Adi from her grandmother signifies that very achievement of a better life. Her grandmother was able to carry this with her all those years and personally give it to her eldest granddaughter; a gift to carry with her as a reminder of the long road taken to get her to the place she is in now. Adi’s necklace serves as a reminder of her own heritage and is directly related to the person that she is today, including her artistic side.

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