The Role of Artistic Creativity in the Lives of Israeli Emigres in Los Angeles

Victoria Pelman

Journey for the Love of Art Through the Conflict in Israel 

by Joseph Trainer and Sagi Yonaty 

Victoria Pelman is an Israeli-born artist and musician who immigrated with her family to the United States when she was 10 years old. Victoria’s journey growing up in Israel through many hardships have influenced her artistic growth in many ways. Her parents came to Israel from Eastern Europe. Her mother was a music teacher and taught Victoria from an early age. After a while, Victoria realized that her relationship with her mother only revolved around music and desired a more traditional mother-daughter relationship so she stop performing music and focused on art. In a recent trip back to Israel, Victoria’s connection to Israel was re-enforced when war broke out in the country. Victoria currently studies at UCLA where she majors in Jewish Studies.

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