Writing With Substance: You Can Haz it! SRSLY!

Who is this nut talking to me in this nutty way?

I am Dr. Vimala C. Pasupathi.
I am a scholar of early modern English literature, history, and culture. I have published many articles in academic journals and books. Some of these publications are listed here. Many of these articles are, like the book I'm finishing, about representations of military affairs in literary works and military history in England. I'm interested in a wide range of subjects within and beyond those areas of specialization, however, and I hope you can find as many subjects that pique your intellectual curiosity in college as I have in my academic journey. 
I have been teaching college writing courses since 1997. 
As the previous statement demonstrates, I am older than you think I am! 
I am currently an Associate Professor in the English Department at Hofstra University. I teach several courses on Shakespeare and British Literature, as well as "Ways of Reading," a course on methods for literary analysis, and special topics courses for undergraduates and graduate students in the MA program. I joined the faculty in the Fall semester 2006. Prior to that year, I worked for the University Extension Program (now Distance Learning) at the University of Texas at Austin, and before that, I was a doctoral student at the same institution. I earned my Ph.D in English Literature in 2005, just seven taco-filled years after earning a Master of Arts in English at The Ohio State University. 
At OSU and UT, I worked with and took courses from some of the best Rhetoric and Composition scholars around. I admire them still and I am grateful for everything they taught me; this book is informed by what I learned from them, even as I occasionally imply (or say directly) that I want to try something else for the benefit of my own students.  
Obligatory: Go Bucks (O-H!), Hook'em Horns, Roll Pride. Etc.

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