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Internet & Democracy

Let's watch a short lecture by Evgeny Morozov, presented by the Royal Society for the Advancement of the Arts, in their RSA Animate series. 

As you watch the video, take notes on Morozov's claims and the various twists and turns his discussion takes. Note as well the places and historical events to which he alludes as he proceeds in his talk. 

Once we finish watching it, we'll consider the internet as a phenomenon in America. How much do you use it for the kind of organizing Morozov discusses (political or social/communal)? How often do you use for intellectual or educational purposes? Who owns the internet? Are there limits to the forms your communication can take there? What do you think about its potential for productive action in some arena or issue you care about? How secure is it? Do you ever consider whether it will always be around? What threats to its uses can you imagine, and from where might those threats come? 
To help us think about these last few questions, we'll watch a clip from the program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on the end of 'Net Neutrality.'
Now we'll return to the questions above; I'll record some of the basic points of our conversation here as we go...

*Here's an article with a clip offering the response of the FCC Chairperson.

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