URLF Project: PromotingQueerLiteracy

Queer History

Queer history is a story of struggle and survival. From the Nazi efforts to stomp out queerness in the Holocaust; the United States' government's discrimination of queer civil servants in the Lavender Scare; the Stonewall Riots against police harassment; violence directed against Gay and Lesbian teens up through the early 2010's; to the fight for the rights of trans youth today. Queerness represents growth and change and is frequently perceived as an active threat to the traditional social order. Change can be confusing and scary, but those who oppose queerness breed a culture of ignorance to reinforce fear. This project represents an attempt to counteract that fear by promoting understanding of what it means to be a queer person and how to be a good ally in the fight against ignorance.
Since at least the 1970's, comics have represented a space and a medium for queer artists to express themselves and for queer readers to find themselves. By their nature, comics, more than virtually any other medium, embody an incredible level of accessibility for people to record and share their thoughts and experiences and as a result, represent a vital resource for understanding what it means to be queer throughout history.


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