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This Project was made with grant money from Ohio State University's University Research Fellowship at The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library And Museum with gracious help from Curator of Comics and Cartoon Art, Caitlin McGurk. The research took place over ten weeks in the summer of 2022.

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About Me:
Maggie Dahlstrom is a twenty-five year old trans woman and a queer comics researcher attending Ohio State University to study English education. She obtained a BFA in motion pictures with a specialization in animation from Wright State University where she also worked in a library. Maggie has been reading comics since she was five-years-old and one of her earliest memories involved locking herself in the bathroom for hours to read Jeff Smith's Bone in its entirety.
Special Thanks:
-Caitlin McGurk, my faculty advisor without whom I never could have pulled this off
-Max Rowley, my eminently patient partner and proof reader and advocate and friend
-Susan Liberator, the unendingly kind room coordinator who helped me with anything I could possibly hope for
-Hannah Kramer and Emma Halm, who took me under their wings and made me really feel like I was part of the BICLM team
-Craig Gibson And Jane Hammons for their roles in creating and maintaining this fellowship that gave me this once in a lifetime opportunity
-Julie Loop, Francesca Napoli, Taylor Booghier, Lucy Marchese, and Alyssa McGraw, for keeping things fun no matter what, as well as their feedback and suggestions in the reading room
-Anne Drozd, Ann Lennon, Kristy Arter, Jenny Robb, and Wendy Pflug for their constant active interest in my research and their excellent conversation
-Gabby Calderas, Roberta Gregory, Grace Ellis, Professor Mollie Blackburn, and Sav Sheets for their insightful interviews on queerness and comics
-Columbus Metropoliton Libraries, especially Cathy Mason and Erica Cherup for their data help
-To all the phenomenal cartoonists, comics makers, and creators who made a slightly more visible inclusive world.
-And you for your ongoing fascination and curiosity about queerness and comics and making the world a kinder place

Thank you all so so so much

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