To Pimp a Butterfly

Complexion (A Zulu Love) Evidence II

          Zulu love is a component of Ubuntu philosophy. According to Otrude N. Moyo, “Ubuntu is the worldview, value system, philosophy of life, and an old tradition in southern African societies.” (Moyo 2). She continues in the piece noting that, “Ubuntu is grounded in relationships, a communitarian ethics where individuality and collectivity are symbiotic. It does not end here, but symbiotic connections of Ubuntu extend to spirituality, to connections with the natural and physical world: plant life and animal world.” (Moyo 2). Simply, Lamar was reemphasizing the need to love each other for our differences, not bicker over them. The only way to undo the years of ideological division of physical differences is to embrace these “communitarian ethics” and appreciate one another.

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