The Progressive Dinner Party Restored

Missing or Incomplete Works

Unfortunately, not all of the works within The Progressive Dinner Party could be obtained. This was either because the work no longer functioned (such as Slattery’s Glide) or because contact could not be made with the author for missing files. When possible, an external link to the most complete version of the work was provided in the website. Below are the works that are missing within The Progressive Dinner Party.

Glide by Diana Reed Slattery

Brain Dress B by Lori Weidenhammer

The Flight of A821: Dearchiving the Proceedings of a Birdsong. By Marta Werner

Charmed Horizon by Kim Stringfellow

Zones of Recognition by Lehan Ramsay

Salome went to Soho to See Her Poster in a Show by JeanNet and  Raquel Rivera


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