The Progressive Dinner Party Restored

Collaborative Projects

As the name implies, collaborative projects are built by more than one creator. There are two types of collaborative works within The Progressive Dinner Party that can be identified: collaborations involving only two people or collaborations built in an open environment that allows anyone to submit their own contributions from around the world. 
The first of these works tend to be smaller and more condensed, and are the most consistent of the collaborations. This is likely due to there being fewer people to deliberate with about the work’s presentation, making decisions easier to come to. For instance, The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot carries the same presentation throughout the work, in everything from the color scheme to the structure of the poems to the user navigation.
Surprisingly, the public collaborations keep fairly good consistency due to submission guidelines and rules. They are also the most immense in size and complexity, with many hyperlinks branching out from one or more central areas. However, there is rarely a set time or goal regarding the end of the work (if there is one), and the direction the work takes can be unpredictable and difficult to coordinate. Dark Lethe is a good example of this, which has yet to present a conclusion to the main narrative despite its enormous size. Noon Quilt is also unpredictable in that not all of the patches within the quilt are occupied, though the style is very consistent throughout. Like these two works, Mother Millennia maintains a central theme and presentation, but is different since it does not having a specific ending point or space to fill.
Below is a list of collaborative works from within The Progressive Dinner Party. It should be noted that there may be other collaborative works not listed here that fit better in other categories (such as in the Flash and Shockwave category.)

Kokura by Mary-Kim Arnold

Mother Millennia by Carolyn Guyer

Noon Quilt by Sue Thomas and Teri Hoskin

Dark Lethe by Leonie Winson

The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot by Stephanie Strickland and Janet Holmes

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