The Evolution of the Female Action Figure: A Journey from Doll to Hero

Disney Princess Dolls

Princess dolls were, and are, equally as impactful on little girls as action figures were on little boys. The first princess doll was made in the late 1930's shortly after Disney's first princess movie, Snow White, came out but Disney did not start manufacturing Princess dolls until the late 1990's. The traditional Disney princess dolls are thin, have their hair and makeup done and all wearing dresses. The male dolls sold by Disney are all larger, more muscular, and come with swords or other weapons. Traditionally the original dolls were sexist and instilled in little girls heads that they were weaker, while instilling in little boys that they were more capable.

It was not until 2012 when Disney released the movie "Brave" that this begun to change. "Brave" is the first Disney movie that tells the story of a princess with no love interest. Her doll comes with a weapon and is unaccompanied by a prince figure. 

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