The Evolution of the Female Action Figure: A Journey from Doll to Hero

Barbie In A New Era

Over the years, the iconic figure of Barbie has upheld mass controversies with one being the portrayal of the ideal, yet unattainable, image of beauty for young girls all across the globe. In this new era of Barbie, no figure is left behind. Creations and scales of the newest dolls are more realistic than ever.

#TheDollEvolves is the latest trending hashtag Mattel released this past January of 2016. In the newest set of dolls there are over seven different skin tones, twenty-four different hairstyles, and multiple body shapes allowing girls to find a doll that speaks to their character and personal diversity. 

Not only did Barbie change her image, but new ad campaigns have been released in the more recent months with a clear message to young girls that they can be anything. Images include careers such as an astronaut, firefighter, a pilot, and even a mermaid. 


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