The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

MK's storyboard with V's additions

MK likes Emily Stover's family tradition in Illinois, with pigs

then moving onto Sue.

Valentine would like to have some part of the video with Noriah (although be careful to not include the parts where my questions are really loud!). This is my favorite part here

And there are some other clips that I think are fantastic:

Laverne Henderson has a wonderful opening for the part on greens (and frankly, so many wonderful parts, but I know you don't have all night!): here 

Vivian Mims's greens finishing here
and a clip on pot liquor here 

This is a tricky one of Karyssa Jackson (10 wonderful seconds)! you may need to click here, or click SOURCE that shows up when you hover above GREENS! (because it's on DRIVE -- I just couldn't figure out how to get it from drive to youtube; Hamline wouldn't let me download it.) SHE ALSO SAYS SOME REALLY WONDERFUL THINGS FROM 10:51 - 13:00 [or 13:20] -- maybe this will be for the longer version I can show later...)

And it might be fun to include these few seconds of Melvin (singing)

But that shouldn't be the end thing -- so we could come back to Laverne Henderson! 

And finally, there are a couple of photos that would be worth working in if we could:
first and second (shared on google drive) 
that last one would be SUCH a good closing shot


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