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Star of the Sea : A Postcolonial/Postmodern Voyage into the Irish Famine


Ireland has songs about beautiful girls and drunken nights and drinking songs and nonsense songs.  But some of their most beautiful and heartbreaking songs are ones that mourn the loss of their island, or deal with emigrating, or the famine.  Most Irish folk songs with words can be considered ballads. Ballads are a "form of folk verse narrative. The majority of folk ballads deal with themes of romantic passion, love affairs that end unhappily, or with political and military subjects. The story usually is in dialogue form, in direct and unsparing language, arranged in quatrains with the second and fourth lines rhyming" (Quinn). They are essentially storytelling songs, and one can learn a lot about a culture based on what stories are frequently told in their music, stories that everyone knows.

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