Sensimilla Research


The sensimilla cannabis plant is observed in peer-reviewed studies for the psychoactive chemicals, namely tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Research into the specifics regarding plant composition, chemical compounds along with rate of aforementioned compounds were analyzed over the course of the study. The sensimilla research concluded the results in these reports. Relevant contrasts regarding hypothesis are analyzed and published, according to the studies.

Learning about Sensimilla - The Cannabis Plant


Marijuana is ordered as a genus of annual flowering plants in the Cannabaceae family of plants. Marijuana plants consist of three main species currently - cannabis sativa (c.sativa), cannabis indica (c.indica) and cannabis sativa ruderalis (c.ruderalis) The cannabis genus shows evidence that the origin of the species comes from South Asia. Further historical research is needed to determine the definite timeline of the cannabis species around the world.

The growth of the cannabis plant is comparable to other photosensitive flowering plants. The term dioecious describes the plant attribute of photosensitive response to light and dark cycles during growth. All species of the cannabis genus grow and develop into unique structures, determined by the paternal genetics. A variety order of the cannabis species is defined commonly as a strain, or cultivar.

A strain of cannabis grows from seed, producing leaflets that develop into fan and inner leaves. During initial growth, the cannabis plant is developing a structure for upcoming buds to reside later at the flowering cycle. A range of nutrients are needed to help marijuana plants thrive during the different growth stages.

Marijuana buds form on flowering cannabis plants, usually within a 2 month period. However, certain strains are known to possess a lengthy flowering time compared to the fast finishing indica cultivars common to growers in the commercial cannabis industry.

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Research Tools for Cannabis

We overview the tools used in the different stages of marijuana growing, from seed to bud. The medical marijuana grower in permitted U.S. districts or country laws may use our guide as a reference to the popular application of aforementioned tools in the cannabis industry.
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Cannabis cultivation includes seed selection, cloning, germination, fertilization, lighting, grow room setup, soil vs. hydroponic growing considerations, weighing bud harvest and trimming along with hash, rosin and extract making.

Study Findings

Through the varied studies the tools required to grow, harvest and prepare marijuana buds were evaluated using industry standards for quality testing.
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