We researched the methods used to clone marijuana plants, a propagation technique. The study was carried out during a agricultural seminar related to medical cannabis cultivation in the United States.

Cloning Marijuana

a marijuana cutting
The cannabis species can propagate via stem cutting, called a clone in cannabis circles. Cloning marijuana is done by slicing a branch section off of the plant, and preparing the specimen for root growth. Cloning techniques are used by medical marijuana cultivators to produce multiple plants from the same genetic expression, or phenotype.

Cloning Techniques

To clone a marijuana section by hand the branch must be cut at a 45 degree angle. The resulting clone, or clipping, is a part or sector of a shrub with which has been taken out and positioned in a propagation place. The clone might improve, refine into a plant that reveals the comparable family genes as the primary plant it came from.

Cloning marijuana accomplishes feats that many plants replicate logically in the real environment to endure their race. Consider seeds as another source of viable propagation. To illustrate the point, these plants are almost constantly harvested by sliced clones ─▒nstead of their rare flowers. In design, many different factors or various external factors which contribute to the yield, growth habits and cannabinoid contents in marijuana buds.

Step-by-step Cloning Process:


Aeroponic Cloning Machines

An aero cloner is a device that lets clones to grow their roots under frequent misting. This method works faster when compared to regular methods of cloning, yet requires a tiny amount of electricity during the aeroponic cloning machine process.

The workings of an aero cloner are simple - at the top of a made box lays airy neoprene plugs that will keep newly cut clones at all their parts. The surfaces of the clones are above the unit, whilst the bottom of the clones is just where root beginnings will sprout from. Throughout the box lies a standard water reservoir, misting system ─▒ncluding a pump. Kept in constant humidity and moisture, roots are protected from light which also helps to stimulate the root process.

Mist is dispersed continuously inside the aeroponic cloning machine until finally root beginnings have come about via clones at a strong place for re-planting.

Benefits of cloning marijuana were shown under analysis: aero cloners are faster to work with compared to conventional seed cloning methods which completely require more than 7 days from fresh sliced duplicate to transfer. Due to an aeroponic cloning machine, that process may be completed in under a week. Such findings indicate the importance in integration of aeroponic cloning machines in grow rooms and cannabis growing facilities.

Research Conclusions

Our study showed that aero cloners have a high success rate when used for making marijuana clones. There’s a factor for the substantial level of success once cloning plants using the aforementioned techniques. Conversely, old techniques of cloning call for continuous guidance and moisture mastery although aeroponic cloning machines are basically fill up, plug into, connect and disregard until the clone is ready to be planted..