Bubble Hash


Our hypothesis outlined the bubble hash making process in correlation with the yield of marijuana extract per bud weight. Initial analysis suggests the bubble hash process involving water may create a larger outcome in cannabinoid content due to the methods of extraction used. Research was performed on the efficiency and durability of bags in bubble hash making. Each bag was evaluated per cannabis industry standards.

Hash Making Process

Bubble hash is made with ice cubes, water, a bucket and premium bubble hash bags. Prepare for the process by setting up the bags lined within the bucket, in corresponding order to their mesh sizes (the smaller bags go underneath the larger bags). The marijuana buds are now ready to be inserted into the lined bucket. Adding water and ice at this time helps to work off the active chemicals THC and CBD, which are the primary psychoactive ingredients found in all marijuana concentrates, including RSO, BHO, wax, rosin, shatter, resin and bubble hash.

As the buckets are filled with marijuana buds and ice, a slow stirring process agitates the batch. A time-frame of 5 to 10 minuets is standard procedure before empying the buckets to reveal the harvested bubble hash. During the end of hash making, the finished product must be set in a dry location to release any moisture left within the bubble hash.

Research Overview

Hashish was made using the aforementioned procedure methods. The flavor, weight, potency and purity of collected samples were taken to a testing lab to complete the full analysis. As expected in our hypothesis, bubble hash making proved to be the highest yielding method of raw hash production available.