Bud Trimmers



Bud trimmers were analyzed for their effectiveness in machine trimming marijuana during harvest. Our hypothesis included a reasonable amount of THC loss as compared to hand trimming techniques. Research was carried out in a legal medical cannabis processing facility, licensed in the state of Colorado. The bud trimming machines are distributed to similar harvesting facilities around the United States.


Research Overview

responsible cannabis use

In essence a bud trimming machine is a unit which is equipped with revolving cutting blades to cut leaves from weed crops. Marijuana farmers across the country struggle with the manpower needed to process large crops. The aforementioned machines aid in crop harvesting, and require but a single investment.


Commonly a work group is hired for harvest, however bud trimming machines have made this easier due to the automation process. Improved  technology has shown to make it easier to increase trimming as it requires in such legal recreational and medical marijuana districts.


Due to the advantages, the machines are often recommended for commercial-scale cannabis production. A small amount of quality loss is to be expected from the operation, however quality concerns may arise.


The end result often depends on the price-range of the bud trimming machine in question. Buying a low-cost bud trimming machine might be the most suitable choice for home growers, however the industrial-sized marijuana production facility may choose to invest in a more expensive, professional-grade machine.


How the Bud Trimmer is Used


Initially our research team set-up the bud trimming machine according to the manufacturer guidelines.