Our study analyzed the growth rate of cannabis plants during the hydroponic growing process. The results of the tests performed show an increased productivity from marijuana plants cultivated in hydroponic systems.

Hydroponics Overview

Hydroponics is technique used for growing plants. The cannabis species can grow free of medium substrate in water using hydroponic grow methods. Various builds of systems are utilized to make a hydroponic growing system for weed plants. A DIY hydro cannabis system was used to analyze the effect on tested marijuana plants. The plants were contained indoors under artificial lighting and provided nutrients via irrigation. The several materials and expenses to set up the complete hydroponic system are included in our research.

How A Hydro System Works

A hydroponic growing system is made of vegetation that will be produced in liquid. A suitable container contains the fluids utilized to supply water and nutrients into the weed crop. There are several methods of hydroponic grow system types employed by marijuana gardeners.
When ever installing the method remember to consider any instructions to get the do it yourself methods. For your special hydroponic grow set-up buckets and a liquid pump work to circulate the water through the system.

Methods to Build the Hydro System

making a hydro system
PVC pipes can be used in order to connect the root buckets together. The several pipe joints must be enclosed using the right fittings, otherwise the hydro grow system might leak.
The several surfaces of plastic totes are cut down into to help make the holes to get the weed plants to grow with. Your hydroponic growing aero pebbles work to pack the slots.
pH level will have to be tested using a pH level meter to make sure you evaluate the proper water conditions meant for any marijuana plant life. Liquid can even be screened for beneficial nutrient analysis employing a PPM meter.
Finally, water pumps are set by using adapter to attach an aeroponics fitting and integrated with the immersed elements of the system. Air rocks can aerate the water together with the flow of water pumps movement.


At the end of the study, all observed cannabis plants thrived in the hydroponic grow setup. Yield, cannabinoid content, terpenes, THC and CBD content were all verified as high by the lab studies performed. Hydroponics may be considered a opportunistic niche in the cannabis growing industry, for future growers and medical marijuana patients with a permitted plant allowance.