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1.    Published Works
2.    Notebooks
3.    Photographs
4.    General Correspondence
5.    Personal Papers
6.    Other Author Materials
7.    Contracts, Royalty Statements, and other non-public information
8.    Conference, Festival, & Event Ephemera
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1. Published Works: Box 1

1.A Figurski at Findhorn on Acid (1996-2008)

Born Digital Work: 12 ItemsPaper ArchivesFigurski NotesFlyersEastgate Systems, Inc. Promotions ReviewsPersonal EmailArt for FigurskiELO AwardsFigurski, Printed Novel

CardsEmail Correspondence with Eastgate Systems, Inc. DrawingsOther Media

VHS. Figurski Reading, dated 1 September 1998, Montana ’98; Christmas ‘98. 1 copy.

1.B Custom Orthotics Changed My Life1.C Writing for Various Magazines1.D Writing for Newspapers1.E Writing for Stanford Magazine1.F Books.
2. Notebooks: Box 1
2.A Figurski  Notes         
3. Photographs: Box 2        
4. General Correspondence: Box 2
5. Personal Papers: Box 2

5.A San Francisco State University5.B WebReader 

Documents:Other Media:5.C Course Reader for "Wired-Words Electronic Writing Workshop" at Stanford University taught by Richard Holeton and Rob Kendall, dated Spring 2001.

6. Other Authors' Works: Box 2

Bernstein, Mark and Erin Sweeney. The Election of 1912. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1990. 3.5-inch floppy disk for Macintosh. 1 copy.

Bolter, Jay David. Writing Space. 3.5-inch floppy disk. 1 copy.

The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext, Volume 1, Number 1, 1993. Features Jim Rosenberg's Intergrams. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1993. Black folio containing: The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext, Volume 1, Number 2, Winter 1994. Features Mary-Kim Arnold's "Lust" and Jane Yellowlees Douglas' “I Have Said Nothing.”  Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1994. Gray folio with red text containing: The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext, Volume 1, Number 3, Summer 1994. Features Kathryn Cramer's "In Small & Large Pieces" and Kathy Mac's "Unnatural Habitats." Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1994. Black, white and red folio containing: The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext, Volume 1, Number 4, Fall 1994. Features Giuliano Franco's "Quam Artem Exerceas?" and Rob Swigart's "Directions." Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1994. Green folio containing:Guyer, Carolyn. Quibbling. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc. White floppy disk contained in clear case. 

Horton, Randy. “The Naked Raving Empty." "Pragmatic Gullibility 1996. Created for Macintosh Computer format. Black floppy disk with orange sticker. 

Joyce, Michael. afternoon: a Story. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems,Inc., 1990. Grey folio containing: Kolb, David. Socrates in the Labyrinth: Hypertext, Argument, Philosophy. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1994. White and pink folio containing: Landow, George. The Dickens Web. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1992. 3.5-inch floppy disk for Macintosh. 1 copy.

Lanestedt, Jon and George Landow. In Memoriam Web. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1992. 1 copy.

McDaid. John. Uncle Buddy’s Phantom Funhouse. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems Inc., 1992. Black box containing content: Moulthrop, Stuart. Victory Garden. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, 1991. Light tan folio containing: Malloy, Judy. its name was Penelope. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1992. Navy blue folio containing: Smith, Sarah. King of Space. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1991. Disks 1-3. ZMSI 16 Meyer. White floppy disk. 

Swigart, Rob. Down Time. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1999. Text and Narration by Rob Swigart; music by Allen Strange; Director of Programming, Patrick Milligan. CD with globe printed on front, contained in a black CD case. 
7. Contracts, Royalty Statements, and Other Non-Public Information: Box 2

7.A Contracts + Royalties7.B Materials relating to San Francisco State University7.C Correspondence with Eastgate Systems, Inc.7.D Figurski Promotions7.E Art for Figurski 
Mario Pellegrini CV. 1 page.
Mario Pellegrini – permission granted for incorporating “Tin Man” into Figurski. 1 page.
Sept. 25, 2000 – purchase verification. 1 page.

8. Conference, Festival, and Event Ephemera: Box 2
8.A ACM Sigweb8.B ACM Hypertext 2001, August 14-188.C Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) 20028.D Digital Art and Culture (DAC)8.E Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) 20088.F Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) 20098.G Hypertext – Eastgate Systems, Inc. 20028.H Computers and Writing 1995 Conference8.I Stanford Report8.J Research Abstract. 8.K Hypertext ’87 information November 13-15 | The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
9. Software: Box 3
Bolter, Jay David, Michael Joyce, and John B. Smith. Storyspace. Macintosh Getting Starter Kit
10. Other Media: Box 3
Miscellaneous      Apple Computer and Printer InformationEducase Review, March/April 2009. 1 copy.


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