The Prague Spring Archive

Box 181, Folder 7

Folder 7 (20 pages) - August-October, 1968​​​​​​​


Contains twenty documents, the majority of which are memorandums from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Three of the twenty documents are notes from former National Security Advisor, Walt Whitman Rostow. These documents cover the time between August 30, 1968 through October 8th of the same year. A majority of the memorandums are solely about the situation in Czechoslovakia and some of the memos are updates to a previously released document—sometimes there are updates on the same day which proves how quickly some events unfolded. The recording of details such as the movements of Soviet troops in and around Czechoslovakia, and the increasing censorship in Czechoslovak society paint an acute picture of the situation in country. There are other memorandums which cover the possibility of Soviet invasion of Romania and how the U.S. can prepare for such a scenario. The efficiently written memorandums offer a fairly well-rounded view of the events in Czechoslovakia and the U.S. C.I.A’s monitoring of them.

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