The Prague Spring Archive

Box 181, Folder 1

Folder 1 (200 pages) - 1968-1969 


Contains briefs on USSR-Czech talks after the Soviet invasion, including reports on the treatment and intimidation of Czech officials by the Soviets as well as their mood upon return to Czechoslovakia, as well as reports on early Czechoslovak immigration to the United States and worries about potential brain drain. Also includes memos about remaining Soviet troops at the end of 1968; notes on ambassador Duda’s meeting with Secretary Rusk in September 1968 urging diplomatic restraint and warning about the potential dangers of international involvement in the Czech crisis through UN General Assembly; a CIA report with a comprehensive overview of contemporary Czech leadership and predictions of its restructuring following the invasion; a booklet that serves as a compilation of documents and commentary, specifically detailing Soviet and Western media sources, on the Soviet Invasion launched on August 21, 1968; and text of a London Times Story covering USSR demands on Czechoslovakia, using the term “normalization” to describe the restructuring of Czech leadership.

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