Introduction to Digital Humanities

Network Analysis

Network analysis looks at relationships within a dataset, such as epistolary and social media connections, conversations between characters in a novel, and the transfer of wealth from one individual to another. In network analysis, one looks at vertices (called ‘nodes’) connected by lines (called ‘edges’). 

Annotation #9

1. Weingart, Scott B. “Demystifying Networks, Parts I & II.” Journal of Digital Humanities 1, no. 1 (2012). Hypothesis link.  

2. Kindred Britain. Hypothesis link

3. Mapping the Republic of Letters. Hypothesis link

Assignment #9 

Complete Miriam Posner's cytoscape tutorial to create a basic Cytoscape networklearn to work with node attributeslearn to select parts of a network, and learn how to convert a bimodal edge list into a unimodal edge list. When you have completed the tutorial, export a static image of your network and upload it to your "Assignment #9" page of our workbook with a discussion of how you draw meaning from the visualization. Be sure to follow the instructions on the "Assignment" page of our workbook to make sure that it shows up in the contents of your personal page and the "Assignment #9" page.


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