Introduction to Digital Humanities

Bio Analysis

Additional Questions for Consideration

  1. What good are academic/professional bios?
  2. How are they written?
  3. Are the written in first or third person? 
  4. What function do they serve? 
  5. Who is their intended audience? 
  6. What assumptions does the author make about their audience? 
  7. Does the author situate themselves within a community? 
  8. If so, what community? ‚Äč
  9. What does the author emphasize and what do you learn about them?
  10. What kinds of choices does the author make and for what purposes? 
  11. What part of the story do you feel is missing, has been ignored, or has been glossed over? 
  12. What evidence do you have that these other parts of the story should have been given more treatment?
  13. Why do you respond the way that you do to the author's writing and digital presentation? 
  14. Do they have a sense of ease, comfort, or discomfort in writing and presentation style?
  15. What is the writer's attitude? Is there a good beginning or good ending? Why?  
  16. Does the author give equal treatment to the past, present and future? 
  17. Is there something that stands out and hooks the reader, for better or worse?

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