Information Literacy Frameworks: Representational objects made by Curtin Info Studies students

State Library of Queensland 2

The Lifelong Learning Framework for Children and Young People produced by the State Library of Queensland identifies the core learning principles; 

* encouraging joy and inclusion through play and acceptance; 

* enabling the processes of collaboration, critical and deep thinking; 

* building on the capacity of the learner to use their initiative, utilise self-reflection and develop multiple literacies.

The latter is a very brief outline of the core learning principles, which fit within the theory of democratic learning. For each of the core learning principles the framework document provides recommendations, which include suggested actions for learning based activities and tasks for working with educational institutions. The core learning principles are mutually dependent, for example the framework recommends that joy in the form of freedom, and fun, laughter and play can be used as to engage the learner. And play within a group environment enables collaboration, aspects of which include problem-solving, teamwork and co-creation. 

As there is definite dearth of Lego and Duplo in my vicinity I drew a picture to represent the framework. Life Long Learning is a circle containing another three circles, these represent the actions of encouraging, enabling and building and the latter are comprised of the core learning principles. The commonality of the colour scheme represents of each of the mutual dependence of the core learning principles.

By Orlaith

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