Information Literacy Frameworks: Representational objects made by Curtin Info Studies students


Here is our 3D visual representation of an information literacy framework made from lego.  We chose the very traditional framework, the SCONUL Seven Pillars of Information Literacy. This framework is made up of seven areas (in no particular order) namely:

In the 2D representation these areas are shown as seven "pillars".    As M Bent (2008) explained, a person can be moving through all of these "pillars" throughout their learning life.  They can be at a beginner level or expert level as they move through the learning process in each of the pillars.  They can also move both up and down the pillars simultaneously as the information world is changing around us every day.  "As a person becomes more information literate they will demonstrate more of the attributes in each pillar and so move towards the top of the pillar" (Bent 2008).

So, we chose to build just one of the pillars - to represent all seven.  Our model is simple.

The white lego base represents the "beginner" level, red intermediate level and yellow advanced level or expert - hence smiley face as you are at the pinnacle!  The red level at the RHS with has a blue indicator button.  This button can be moved up or down to show which level you are "at" on the pillar.  This lego model shows the lego man is in the advanced stage on that particular pillar.

We enjoyed this activity and also seeing what the other groups created!

By Tania Gregg, Jessica 

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