Information Literacy Frameworks: Representational objects made by Curtin Info Studies students

Information Literacy Frameworks

Information Literacy frameworks can provide a conceptual structure around which some library services, resources and training can be built.  A number of different frameworks have been developed and used by libraries and other organisations to guide the development of their information literacy programs.
Information Studies students at Curtin University created 2D and 3D objects and videos representing a range of information literacy, digital literacy and lifelong learning frameworks from both university and public libraries, as well as information professional organisations.  They include drawings, lego and other 3D models, as well as videos made using Animoto.   The activity enabled both online and face-to-face students to engage in a hands-on way with the concepts underpinning the frameworks.   
This short publication shows images of the representations and includes a brief description, written by the students, about their model. 
The activity was not part of formal assessment.   

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