Information Literacy Frameworks: Representational objects made by Curtin Info Studies students

Adelaide Uni Library 1

Our 3D depiction of the Research Skill Development Framework really came about because of available tools and Lego pieces. 

To depict the matrix and framework used by RSD, we used five different colours and a roof. We used analogies and metaphors of embarking on a journey and clarifying (windows and steering wheels), to find and generate (cogs). Our lego person evaluated and reflected his findings (windscreen) before organising and managing (fence and robot arm). They could then analyse and synthesise (using a computer control panel) and finally communicate and apply (posting mail in a mail box). At the very end of the story-line, our person discovered a pair of legs, culminating the journey they had gone on to become a fully able researcher. 

Jess, Rosie, Daisy, Daniel, Laura

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