Historic Central Avenue Los Angeles

Public History and Historic Preservation

Numerous efforts are underway to promote LA's public history, historic preservation, and community development based on cultural heritage resources.  The following organizations are involved specifically in developing resources in support of  the Central Avenue Cultural Corridor.

Los Angeles City Department of Cultural Affairs
"The goal of the Department of Cultural Affairs is to enhance the quality of life for Los Angeles' 4 million residents and 40 million annual visitors."  Mayor ERIC GARCETTI.  We accomplish this goal by generating and supporting high quality arts and cultural experiences. We ensure access to those experiences through grant making, marketing, development, communication, and building relationships with our community partners. Our challenge is to be a catalyst for the delivery of art, culture, and heritage to every neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles.

Angels Walk LA: Self-Guided Tours
Angels Walk LA is devoted to enhancing the pedestrian environments of Los Angeles by developing Angels Walks, self-guided walking trails that commemorate the history, architecture and culture of our City's neighborhoods.

Los Angeles Conservancy
The Los Angeles Conservancy is a nonprofit membership organization that works through education and advocacy to recognize, preserve, and revitalize the historic architectural and cultural resources of Los Angeles County.  The Conservancy currently has a Central Avenue initiative in support of the Ninth LA City Council District and the Coalition for Responsible Community Development.

The Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) 
The Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) is a non-profit, community-based, human social services organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for South Central Los Angeles residents.