An Anthology of Poetry and Medicine

There Was Beauty in That Graph

by Geralyn Pinto

There was beauty in that graph
when they kick-started your heart’s
cold chambers while you lay
sanitized, anaesthetized, anatomized.
You faltered up to the shock
of a cunning little current,                                                                      
plotted harsh blips of green in
measured space of x-axis and y
that told me you
were suspended in half-swing
between motion and stillness.
Two hours of heaven.
Then the heart graph
cracked into old-man squiggles,
a cardiac doodling
second by milli-second
convex up and concave down
down…shuffling into
a straight line equation
I shall never forget.
I dream of drifting now
along a slope into
the void without name
where plus and minus infinity meet.


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