An Anthology of Poetry and Medicine

Discovery: Negative Return

by Tara Skurtu

Seven tubes of blood in a neat line. A needle longer
than a finger slides into the muscle between ribs.
A spaghetti strand of organ suspended in clear solution.
Some days my doctor says you have to napalm
the napalm, but this morning he says undetectable,
and it’s Thursday the 29th of September, 1988 again—
on the news, Discovery is inching closer and closer
to the moment of truth. I’m outside with my class, squinting
at a trail of cloud as Discovery’s pinprick spark disappears.
For every disbelief, an equal and opposite belief. Outside
the blood draw clinic, I believe I see a passenger plane—
upside down, dragging backwards, it banks to a still speck.

first published in Memorious
also included in Skurtu's new book The Amoeba Game (Eyewear Publishing)



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