An Anthology of Poetry and Medicine

Dead See Scroll

by Rich Murphy

Having raced to the brain-stem bottom,
sold eyeballs, engage, cogs in a canyon
for technology that spits out lifetimes
onto couches and sidewalks.
A precipice and bungee cord place well after.
The starting blocks wedge between senses
and the world when a baby finishes a first cry.
The steeper inclinations frustrate with grade school,
and the machinery chews up higher education.
Where enlightenment breaks again and again
and the horizon divides darkness,
geared up for fun, addicts dive into phones
and drown in one gulch, pulled under
by coltan flywheels and user illusions.
Without assemblage ability, except for thumbs up,
the precarious meme mogul memorizes.
Sprouting ear buds and sporting a Bluetooth,
the obedient emoticon steams a glass plate.


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