An Anthology of Poetry and Medicine


by Sarah Kersey

Something in her womb leaps
in expectation of a suitor;
a dismembered limb being
fitted for a prosthesis;
smoldering for synergy.
Patient pucker
blowing bubble gum, not exactly
pretty, but playful.
Her lips drip preparing
for his kiss.
Hips bolden burden and
risk.  Geometric
proof---triangulating eyes
for a could-be lover.
Beckoning in earnest in hazy heat
to lie like Nile reeds concealing their infant
precious and forbidden, to lie
like sweat coordinating pleasure points on
intersecting axes framed as
infinity sharing one sheet,
crisply creased
into kissing coronals.
His hypotenuse opposite her right angle
un-redacting her most private parts:
misspelling her words in intimate whispers.
Her temperature will not abate
until his seed swims upstream.  But,
the nape of her neck remains un-kissed
this period.  The guest did not arrive this time.
She is vengeful when love
Patent pucker spitting
in contempt, stripping garments off
a fleeing man, shedding linens,
laying bare the fault, but no one is to blame.
Some things just happen this way:
impotently and intolerably.

first published in Neologism Poetry Journal


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