Scalar 2 User's Guide


The ScalarVersion class represents a single version of a ScalarNode.


auxPropertiesobjectAll known auxiliary properties associated with the version (these are optional additional metadata added by authors).
colorstringThe HTML color associated with this version.
contentstringThe HTML content of the version.
createdstringCreation date of the version.
dataobjectThe raw JSON data for the version.
defaultViewstringThe name of the default view associated with this version.
descriptionstringThe version’s description.
extensionstringFile extension of the version’s media (media nodes only).
isVersionOfstringURL of the node this version applies to.
mediaSourceobjectObject literal describing the source of the version’s media (media nodes only).
numberstringIndex of this version in the version order (if left unchanged by the author, this is also the version creation order).
propertiesobjectAll known standard properties associated with the version.
sourceFilestringURL of the version’s source file (media nodes only).
titlestringThe title of the version.
urlstringThe URL of the version.

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