Scalar 2 User's Guide


The ScalarRelation class describes a relationship between two ScalarNodes.


bodyScalarNodeThe node that is the subject of the relationship.
endStringstringString describing the ending point of the relation (as with annotations).
idstringUnique id of the relation.
indexnumberThe relation’s sorting index relative to its siblings (as with pages in a path).
propertiesobjectAll known properties associated with the relation.
separatorstringAppropriate separate to insert between the startString and endString of the relation to express its span.
startStringstringString describing the starting point of the relation (as with annotations).
subTypestringRefines the type of an annotation relation. Possible values include “spatial”, “temporal”, or “textual”.
targetScalarNodeThe node that is the object of the relationship.
typeobjectObject literal describing the type of the relationship.

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