Scalar 2 User's Guide

Adding Links

This section describes functionality in Scalar's page editor, which is accessed by clicking the Media icon icon (if creating new content) or the Media icon icon (if editing existing content) in your Scalar header bar.


Adding Links

Linking to material is done in one of three ways in the page editor; by adding a Scalar Note, a hyperlink to Scalar content or a traditional hyperlink to any url.

  • Note icon Inserts a note-style link to Scalar content. When clicked by the reader, this link will display the contents of the linked page in a pop-up window, with an option to navigate to that page. 

  • Scalar link icon Inserts a link to Scalar content.

  • Link icon Inserts a conventional hyperlink to whatever URL you choose.

Creating Relationships with Other Content

For more on this topic, visit the Working with Structure section of the documentation.

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