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Stanislas Mangin

Stanislas Mangin (1917-1986) was the son of General Charles Mangin, founder of the colonial troop. He attended Saint Cyr in 1939, and was appointed second lieutenant in 1940. He became a prisoner of war and later escaped from the Orleans barracks to join the unoccupied zone. Mangin became the Chief of Staff of the Prefect but shortly resigned to join the Free French. After a series of military adventures, he finished the war and was promoted captain.  He became the processor of requests at the state counsel and was called back in Algers as Bataillon Commander and later became the general reporter of the commission of cultural chain and artistic patriotism. He became state counselman in 1967, advocated for the foreigners, and took the bar exam in Paris in order to practice immigration law and continue advocating for the immigrants ("Stanislas Mangin").
Letters Mentioning Stanislas Mangin:

Billotte to Morton; 4/14/1942


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