French Freedom Papers

External Resources

    All requests to access the documents and material for research purposes or otherwise must be directed through the offices at Kansas State University's Hale Library Special Collections with contact information here.  

    The following resources were used primarily in our research to gain insight beyond our archives into the events of both World War II and the movements for French liberation in the same time period. All the following links are not connected to our work as translators and we retain no rights to the content within these pages. -- This was the primary website gathering information about Charles de Gaulle during World War II for our research purposes. The site includes tabs for specific information about Charles de Gaulle's unique character, the Charles de Gaulle Foundation and its focuses, historical background as to the events in France during the War, and overview pages covering a wide variety of related information. Supported languages are English, French, Spanish, and Dutch.
-- Contains information about the Charles de Gaulle Memorial Foundation, the life and focus of Charles de Gaulle before, during, and after World War II, seminars held at the memorial site, and general tourism information. Supported languages include English, French, German, Dutch, and Chinese. -- Focusing on those who risked their lives for the liberation of France from the Nazis, this website primarily contains information related to allies of the Free French during WWII complete with biographies and sometimes including images of the more than 1,000 soldiers and people involved in the freedom of France. Supported languages include English, French, and Spanish. -- This site is a plentiful source of primary speeches and videos of and relating to Charles de Gaulle and other active members of the Free French and of liberation fighters from 1940-1967. Supported language is French. -- The George C Marshall Foundation website includes a database of persons and events associated with Hale’s Freedom Papers collection, including Charles de Gaulle, Desmond Morton, Anthony Eden, and many others discussed in our own archives. Supported language is English. – The Museum of the Resistance includes multimedia collection encompassing a chronology of the Free French and the liberation of France after Nazi occupation. The resistance is outlined with the same format and design preferences as the Charles de Gaulle foundation site mentioned above. Supported language is French.