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Claude Auchinleck

General Sir Claude Auchinleck (1884-1981), ), was a general for the British Army. He was promoted to the rank of general prior to the start of WWII. Auchinleck led many operations while overseeing Allied troops, though Winston Churchill notably criticized his battle tactics (WWII Database).

Between the years of 1941-1942, he was the Commander-in-Chief of Middle East Forces. His work in Northern Africa was both successful in 1941, as well as unfortunate by the troop retreat and battle loss in 1942. After aggravating Churchill by his decisions, Auchinleck was relieved of duty (National Army Museum).

Post 1942, Auchinleck worked as Commander-in-Chief in India where he would spend the rest of his military career working with both the British and Indian Armies. Auchinleck “was knighted and promoted [to] field marshal in June [of] 1945 (WWII Database).” He resigned in 1947 due to continued disagreements with Louis Mountbatten (New York Times).  

Letters Mentioning Claude Auchinleck:

De Gaulle to Brooke: 5/4/1942

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